WSOP Survival Gear

Seven straight weeks of poker requires the right gear, here are six items to consider snagging.
BY SCOTT THARLER (@gadgetconcierge)

Successfully slogging through seven straight weeks of poker requires good rest. 

Oregon Scientific's new 1. DreamScience Brainwave Oriented Sleep Companion ($100, gradually slows in rhythm and fades in volume, while playing a selection of 20 high-fidelity soundscapes, each clinically proven to effectively lull you into a meditative calm or rejuvenating deep sleep. The alarm plays similar brainwave-embedded sounds to stimulate your wakeful mind. It plugs in or runs off batteries; and has a line-in to kick tracks from your music device. At the tables, you don't want to be in any kind of slump. 

Wearing the discrete 2. BetterBack ($65 pre-order, wherever you are even 15 minutes a day builds the muscles that help you sit and stand straighter without it. Good posture can lift your mood, lower stress levels and improve memory and concentration. As a bonus, when you raise, it will always be in position and no one will ever know whether you're just (ahem) posturing

WSOP Survival Gear

Eye fatigue is a big problem with using regular sunglasses indoors, because they're designed to keep out light. Blue Shark Optics' 3. Chris "Fox" Wallace Signature Edition ($159, sport a special reflective Crystalion-3 lens coating that not only hides your eyes, but actually lets in more light. 

Speaking of which, the next time you're soaking up rays, make sure you've got a 4. SunFriend ($50, on your wrist. It tracks UV exposure, warning both of too much or (as is more often the case with poker players) too little natural sunlight. Best of all, a shiny new WSOP bracelet will nicely hide any tanlines.

WSOP Survival Gear


With the sleek LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 ($150, comfortably resting around your neck, you can pop in your earbuds when you're ready to groove to rich Harman Kardon sound or take a phonecall. Done listening (or just want to add special dramatic effect when tanking on a decision)? Press one or both of the retraction buttons to send the buds zipping back into place. 

MobileFun's enCharge 15,000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger, SD Card Reader & Torch ($38, lets you charge a phone and tablet simultaneously. Heck it packs so much power, you could just about recharge every player's phone at the table, if you're feeling so neighborly! Given that capacity, it's fairly compact. It comes with Micro USB, Lightning and 30-pin adapters.

WSOP Survival Gear