Learn the ends and outs of poker with one-on-one training from Hunter Cichy.
It’s good to be back as an ALL IN Mag guest blogger!
For those of you who missed it, I wrote a series of articles in 2015 promoting the launch of my new training site Since then, I’ve coached over 250 students via Skype using my unique one-on-one training program and produced massive results in the process. After all this time, the philosophy remains the same. I still believe in teaching solid pre-flop fundamentals, core post-flop math concepts, and critical thinking skills for tough situations. The only difference is that now I’m making this system available to everyone without the need for my supervision.
I’ve been a meticulous note-taker my entire life. By the time I turned 20, I had hundreds of pages of notes on poker. They really came in handy when I started coaching because I could email my students PDF attachments after each session to make sure they had multiple ways to review the concepts we had discussed that day. Many of my students loved the notes so much they said I should use them to write a book. And now I’m happy to say that’s exactly what I’ve done!
I spent a few months rearranging, editing, and expanding the note I had already taken. Then I reached out to several well-respected poker players to get their feedback. I learned a lot, made many alterations, and when I was finally satisfied with the results, I reached out to Byron Jacobs and Dan Addelman from D&B Poker Publishing. They reviewed the manuscript and quickly agreed to publish my book. 
After a lot of back and forth, we decided on the title of Advanced Concepts in No Limit Hold’em: A Modern Approach to Poker Analysis. And although many advanced concepts are discussed, I assure you the book has something for everyone. Beginners will find the extensive pre-flop advice extremely useful to the development of their cash game skills. Intermediate players will find many overly-complicated math concepts to be presented in a way that anyone can understand. And advanced players grinding 5/10 NL or bigger, will find the post-flop algorithms I’ve developed to be great for eliminating unnecessary thoughts so they can focus on the variables that actually matter in tough situations.


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So I’m doing everything I can to promote the book as the WSOP approaches. D&B will be hosting a launch party at the Rio on June 1st to celebrate the release of new titles from me, Phil Hellmuth, Chris Moorman, Qui Nguyen, Steve Blay, and Jonathan Little.Everything is available for pre-order at and I’m very excited to be a part of this huge publishing cycle.
Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@HunterCichy) for the latest developments. I’ll see you at the Rio. Good luck this summer!
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Hunter Cichy