After an epic NA LCS Spring Finals weekend (with two days of Silver Scrapes), NA LCS will be back on Friday, June 2.


  • NA LCS Summer Split begins on June 2 at 3:00 PM PT.  
  • Weeks 1-4 schedule and tickets will be available on Friday, May 5 at 10:00 AM PT. The full Summer Split schedule will be available after MSI 2017 on May 23.
  • As with Spring Split, Weeks 5-9 could be affected by flex scheduling.

After an epic NA LCS Spring Finals weekend (with two days of Silver Scrapes), NA LCS will be back on Friday, June 2. During MSI 2017 and the NA LCS break, we wanted to share some clarification around what happens between splits and when you can expect the match schedules, tickets information, and Summer Finals.

Split Break

What’s the roster lock date? What does it mean?

Teams are required to submit their Week 1 Active Roster (starters and subs) on May 24 to give proper time for asset generation, eligibility checks, etc. Barring unforeseen emergencies, any player not on the submitted roster or who lacks appropriate paperwork will not be eligible to start for Week 1.

Rosters will be available on Lolesports on May 25. Additionally, any player who is signed to an NA LCS team will be updated on the official Global Contract Database.

Why doesn’t Lolesports report on roster swaps?

As the operators of the NA LCS, we've chosen not to report on roster speculation since we'll often get information about roster swaps before they're final. We want to give teams the opportunity to announce roster information in their own way such as partnering with sponsors, interviews with third-party media, or creating content for their own channels.

Are all the NA LCS teams coming back from Spring? When do we know about any sales?

May 8 is our brand lock date. This means all teams must confirm if they plan to rebrand for the Summer Split. As we have all 10 teams from Spring returning for Summer Split, we’re not anticipating any team re-branding at this time.  

Opening Day and Scheduling

When does NA LCS begin? When does it air?

NA LCS begins on Friday, June 2 at 3:00 PM PT. The broadcast begins at 3:00 PM PT on Fridays, and 12:00 PM PT on Saturdays and Sundays. We’ll continue to feature dual streams for weekend matches during the regular season.

When is the full regular season schedule available?

The full NA LCS match schedule will be available after MSI 2017 on Tuesday, May 23. Same as Spring Split, we’ll be using flex scheduling for Weeks 5-9 so the weekly matchups will always stay the same but the days, times, location, or streams might shift.

Using an example from Spring, Phoenix1 will always play Team Envy and Cloud9 on Week 5 but the following information could be impacted by flex scheduling:

  • Days: P1 could move to Saturday and Sunday instead of Friday and Sunday
  • Times: The P1 games could shift to the first or second of the day
  • Locations: P1 could play in the Arena or Theater but always at the NA LCS Studio
  • Streams: They could be on NALCS1 or NALCS2

The final and locked schedule and tickets for Week 5 will be available on June 15. Weeks 6-9 will be released on June 29.

What’s flex scheduling?

As we introduced in the 2014 Season, flex scheduling allows us to adjust the schedule so that the most compelling matchups fall within the "primetime" viewing window. The weekly matchups will still be the same, but we may shift match order or days around as teams rise and fall in the standings. Regardless of any changes made, certain scheduling policies will still be upheld (e.g., no team plays back-to-back matches within a day, each team plays two matches per week, etc).

What about Summer Playoffs? Finals? Gauntlet? Promotion Tournament?

We’ll confirm the dates for all the post-regular season events happening in North America including Playoffs, Summer Finals weekend, Promotion Tournament, and NA Regional Qualifiers (aka “Gauntlet”) after MSI 2017 on May 23.

What patch will the start of Summer Split be played on?

Patch 7.10


When can I get tickets for the NA LCS?

Tickets for Weeks 1-4 will be available on May 5 at 10:00 AM PT.

What about tickets for NA LCS Weeks 5-9? Playoffs?

Tickets for Week 5 will be available on June 15 at 10:00 AM PT.

Tickets for Weeks 6-9 and Playoffs will go on sale on June 29 at 10:00 AM PT.

NA LCS Summer Finals

What are the NA LCS Summer Finals?

The NA LCS Summer Finals weekend concludes our Summer Playoffs where the championship title and a spot at Worlds 2017 is on the line. We usually take Finals weekend on the road (not our NA LCS studio).

As with previous Finals weekends, the battle begins with 3rd place on Saturday then, we’ll transition to the championship battle on Sunday.

Where will NA LCS Summer Finals be? When will it be announced?

Stay tuned to Lolesports - we’ll confirm the NA LCS Summer Finals location before the start of the Summer Split.


What about Fantasy? When will it start?

As we mentioned at the start of the year, FantasyLCS will return for Summer Split. You can expect drafts to go live soon after rosters lock on May 24. The Fantasy Team will share the specifics around the launch and details for the upcoming split after MSI 2017.