ALL IN, The Gaming Industry's Premier Media House

The Gaming Industry’s Premier Media House

 While poker’s popularity continues to power along more than a decade after its boom began, related industries such as fantasy sports and competitive video gaming are simultaneously skyrocketing. The passion of the participants in all of these gaming outlets is only growing. And ALL IN is here to stoke those fires.

 ALL IN Media House’s mission is to provide the global poker, fantasy sports, and eSports communities with high quality, innovative, and compelling multimedia content as well as direct access to the luxury lifestyle and online gaming action. The ongoing goal is to be the industry leader in the gaming media space, with a high-end print, digital, and mobile presentation unparalleled in both its quality and its prominence. And the scope of that goal is constantly expanding, as new opportunities develop to make the ALL IN brand synonymous with poker, fantasy, and eSports as an entity that not only covers the games, but is an integral part of the games.

 Here’s a snapshot of the products and projects that fall under the ever-expanding ALL IN Media House umbrella:

 ALL IN Magazine: The original print edition, a leading publication among poker enthusiasts since 2004, remains a monthly must-read more than a decade later. Presented in a slick, colorful package freshly redesigned for 2015, the magazine features in-depth profiles, event coverage, interviews, hand analysis, strategy articles written by the pros, columns, news, and humor from the worlds of poker, fantasy sports, and eSports. With a brand-new, cutting-edge website launching in December 2014, not only does a decade of magazine content come alive digitally, but it’s accompanied by up-to-the-minute news, analysis, video, and access to the biggest stars in the poker, fantasy sports, and eSports worlds.

Social Media: ALL IN keeps growing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, bringing fans inside the gaming lifestyle at every moment.

Social Casino: Poker, blackjack, and slots are just a click away through a social casino that is a legal way to play your favorite games. Tournaments for great prizes run daily.

In-House Video Production: Our team provides complete video services, from shorts on our YouTube channel to full-length documentary and reality programming. It’s the highest quality, most professionally crafted video experience in the gaming space.

ALL IN 365: Leveraging access and expertise into a high-quality, quick-hit viewing experience, the ALL IN team delivers daily video content unlike anything else in the gaming industry.

College Gaming Tour: Launched in April 2014, this first-of-its-kind competition brings players from colleges across the country together, competing online for prizes and money while representing their respective schools. It started as the College Poker Tour, but is expanding to encompass fantasy sports and eSports as well.

ALL IN Player Management: Several of the biggest names in poker—from world champions to crossover reality-TV stars—are signed with our management company, which offers high-end partnerships and sponsorships that bridge the gap between gaming and the media mainstream.

Events: Gaming is an event-driven industry, ready-made for crossover into the worlds of sports and entertainment. ALL IN is on the scene—and operating behind the scenes—at such events as movie premieres, the Calais Campbell Celebrity Poker Invitational, the annual Esquire/ALL IN Super Bowl Party, and the Phoenix Open golf tournament.

ALL IN Cause: Charity is a cornerstone of the modern gaming world, and our team believes strongly in giving back to those in need through our own internally housed endeavor, ALL IN Cause.

This universe is rapidly evolving: Online poker regulation is taking hold from state to state and bringing a safe and secure version of the game back into our living rooms; fantasy sports are being transformed by the surging popularity of online daily fantasy; and eSports events are drawing more viewers than the NBA or college football. ALL IN is evolving right alongside these games and this billion-dollar industry, anticipating the trends and expanding our reach. ALL IN has redefined—and continues to redefine—what a gaming media company can be.