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Guns, money, models, drugs, and goats – just another day in the life of Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian has the poker world's attention. We spent a day at his house where loaded guns, half-naked models, plentiful drugs, and bleating goats served as potential distractions. But they couldn't divert our focus from poker's ultimate polarizing playboy.

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  • Big Blind Special - Throughout my poker career I have erred on the side of aggression. I tend to get involved in a lot of pots, to three-bet a lot pre-flop, and in general to try to apply relentless pressure on my opponents. Advice from David Benefield

  • Balanced Attack - The river bet in position: It's the last decision you have to make in a hand. Except when it isn’t. Advice from Liv Boeree

  • Bullet Points - I'm known as somebody who pumps a lot of bullets into re-entries. It’s probably an exaggeration, stemming from about two years ago when I played two re-entry tournaments in the space of a week and managed to get in for five buy-ins in one and four in the other. Advice from Matt Salsberg

  • Heads Will Roll - In Heads-Up matches you need to be creative if you’re going to win. And I don’t just mean bluffing with king-high on the river when you’re heads-up for the WSOP Main Event title. (Not that anyone would ever be crazy enough to do anything like that.) Advice from Chris Moneymaker

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  • Pacific Heights Hand 5

    By George, He’s Got It! Poker is a skill game, but winning a big tournament has to involve some degree of luck. Winning multiple tournaments, however—that brings us back to skill! Read More

  • Pacific Heights Hand 4

    Negreanu Burns Burns. Do your best to act and react the best way possible in each situation … and then don’t second-guess yourself! Read More

  • Pacific Heights Hand 2

    Kings, Queens, and Guillotines. The right play depends on what story you’ve been telling throughout the hand. Read More

  • Pacific Heights Hand 1

    Can't Get No Tsatsis-faction. On the flop and turn, think ahead to the river. Make your read and trust it. Read More

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