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  • Maniac vs. Maniac - As an aggressive player myself, when I play with other aggressive players, I try to stay out of their way unless I have a good hand. Let them take the lead and hopefully they will hang themselves. Advice from David Rheem

  • Short Order - My advice for what to do when you're short-stacked at the final table can be summed up in two words: Stay positive. Advice from Joe Cada

  • To Be Continued - Coming off his highly successful three-volume book series Secrets Of Professional Tournament Poker, Jonathan Little is turning his attention to cash games for his next three-volume set. Here, he explores continuation-betting. Advice from Jonathan Little

  • Old School - The Seniors Championship at the WSOP is my favorite event of the summer apart from the Main. It is one of the best values in terms of buy-in ($1,000) and strength (read: weakness) of field. Advice from Dennis Phillips

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  • Pacific Heights Hand 5

    By George, He’s Got It! Poker is a skill game, but winning a big tournament has to involve some degree of luck. Winning multiple tournaments, however—that brings us back to skill! Read More

  • Pacific Heights Hand 4

    Negreanu Burns Burns. Do your best to act and react the best way possible in each situation … and then don’t second-guess yourself! Read More

  • Pacific Heights Hand 2

    Kings, Queens, and Guillotines. The right play depends on what story you’ve been telling throughout the hand. Read More

  • Pacific Heights Hand 1

    Can't Get No Tsatsis-faction. On the flop and turn, think ahead to the river. Make your read and trust it. Read More

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